The nature reserve officially starts on the other side of the street, but the birds and plants do not know that. So we actually live in the middle of it. That means daily beautiful birdsong, fresh air and the sound of the ocean. Because of the special bird species, the nature reserve is a favorite place for photography enthusiasts.

Lagoas de Santo André and Da Sancha protected area

The Santo André lagoons and the Da Sancha nature reserve are in Alentejo. A 15 km wide coastal area inland from the coastline. The reserve has a protected status because of the high ecological value of these two water-rich areas. This also includes the dunes that separate the lagoons from the ocean. The reserve has an exceptional natural beauty and offers excellent conditions for many activities such as hiking, canoeing and windsurfing.

Nature and bird photography

The nature reserve attracts many birds, making late summer / early fall and spring the most recommended seasons to observe. The nature around our Guesthouse is very diverse. Meadows with cork trees, the deep purple drawer fields and green grasslands can easily be reached on foot in a few minutes.

Monte Paio an organic farm

This organic farm with cows and sheep is located on a hill on the edge of the lagoon. Because it is slightly higher, you have a beautiful view of the lagoon and the sea. The farm has a small visitor center with information about the nature reserve. There is a walking route available that leads you from our Guesthouse in about 1.5 hours past these most beautiful places in the area.

Surfing, walking, cycling

You can go windsurfing, kite surfing and canoeing in the lagoon. You do have to bring your own material. Fishing is not permitted. Only a few fishermen from the area with an old license can only take their boat to the water for a few months a year.

To the beach

And finally, if you go to the beach here it means that you are in a protected nature reserve, so clean swimming water in the lagoon and a clean and quiet beach where you can enjoy the sun.

A sky full of stars

The sky of Alentejo is magical. We have very little light pollution and lots of clean air. Daily you can see the stars, constellations and the milky way. In Alqueva, near the Spanish border, this phenomenon is called the dark sky and attracts many astronomy tourists. But do not worry the sky above our guesthouse is equally beautiful.


Just 20 minutes from our guesthouse you can take surfclasses at the bay of Sao Torpes in Sines.

Rota Vicentina walking/hiking

Rota Vicentina is a network of walking trails in south west Portugal. The Historical Way starts in Santiago do Cacém.


Skydive Europe will give you an amazing experience. Ferreira do Alenetjo is 35 km from our guesthouse.

Badoca Safari Park

Badoca Safari park is a day off fun and a great way to see wildlife. Great for kids until 14 years old.


During your stay you can take yoga classes in our studio. Every morning at 8.00 or in the afternoon at 18.00. Or have a look at our Yoga retreats. Your teacher, Marianne Feijen is a certified Vinyasa and Yin yoga teacher. Have a look at Pop-up Yoga Portugal to know more about her classes.